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Wordz & Romanze Series: Euphoria & The Computer Date, Part 1

Introducing the Wordz & Romanze Series! Come back weekly to see what The West Family has going on. I have no idea where these characters may end up, so join me for the ride, and let’s find out!


wordz romanze
Photo: bruce mars on Unsplash

Euphoria & The Computer Date

Part 1

By LaShanna R. Tripp


Skylar West slammed her keyboard down on her bedroom desk in frustration.

“UGHHHH!” She growled, kicking and punching the air. “Unbelievable!”

“I’ll say,” her mom said drily, appearing in the doorway of her 12-year-old daughter’s mint-green bedroom, holding a basket of freshly-dried clothes. “Unbelievable you’d slam that thing down like you’d get another one so easily, ma’am.”

 “The mouse is stuck — AGAIN!” Skylar flopped on her bed. 

Aisha West smirked as Skylar’s shoulders slumped.

“I didn’t mean to, Mama,” she sighed deeply, on the verge of tears. “I’ve just been working on this design for a long time and the mouse keeps locking for some reason. Plus, I wasn’t able to put some details on the design before the program closed out. I didn’t get to re-save my changes!”

Her mother sighed gently, walking into the room. She placed the clothes basket in the chair to the left of Skylar’s mahogany desk.

“Nothing I say will bring your cool design back,” Aisha said. “But I’m willing to bet that my phenomenally-talented tween is going to create something even more spectacular than what was lost.”

Skylar slumped, the frown on her face dissipating as Aisha nodded knowingly.

“Exactly,” she patted Skylar’s shoulders encouragingly. “God has no shortage of ideas, my love….”

Skylar exhaled sharply, falling back on the large, mint-green bedspread covering her canopy bed. She continued to fume quietly as Aisha retrieved the basket and crossed to her daughter, completely sprawled across the full-sized bed ladened with plushies and pillows. 

“Or gifts,” Aisha said happily, handing Skylar the basket of clothes. “Here you go, beautiful!”

Skylar sat up with an incredulous look on her face.

“Really, Mom?” She whined, taking the basket from her mother. “Awww…right now? Ugh.”

“Really, Skylar?” Aisha countered, placing her hands on her full hips. “Surely you know you’re mama by now.”

Aisha started to leave before she was stopped by the two small, brown arms of her 7-year-old daughter sliding through the crook of her propped arms. Aisha reached down and gently tickled Euphoria’s side.

“Mommeeeeee!” Euphoria laughed, snatching her arms back quickly. Aisha turned and gave Euphoria a tight squeeze, planting kisses all over her plump cheeks.

“Mmmmm,” she mumbled against one of Euphoria’s cheeks. “Soooooo delicious!”

Skylar rolled her eyes, standing and dumping the clothes out.

“Okay, I’m working,” she muttered dully. “Euphoria, come get your clothes.”

“Oh, no ma’am,” Aisha said, “That is all you.”

“But, Mama, isn’t this the outfit –” Skylar stopped as her hand hit a box. Her eyes grew wide. “Mama!!”

Aisha braced herself as Skylar squealed and thrust herself into her mother’s waiting arms.

“Mom….” she sobbed.

“I know, sweetie. You’re very welcome!” Aisha said softly, patting her back soothingly. “I know it took us forever, but your dad and I were finally able to get it.”

“It’s perfect timing!” Skylar smiled through her tears.

“There it is,” Aisha grinned sweetly. “That winning smile I was waiting to see. Well, I’m going to leave you to your ingenuity, my love!”

She kissed Skylar on her forehead and then turned to leave.

“Come on, Ri-Ri, let your sister work,” Aisha called.

“Yes, ma’am, I’m coming,” said the bouncing, caramel-complexioned cutie. “Sis, can I see it?”

“No, you cannot,” Skylar snapped, holding the box up in the air. “Why are you even in my room. Mom!”

“Skylar must want to sleep on the couch,” Aisha’s voice called from down the hall.

“No, ma’am,” Skylar gritted her teeth, silently stomping her foot. 

She looked at her little sister with slit eyes.

“Look, Ri, I have to use the bathroom, so you better NOT touch my stuff!”

Euphoria smiled and looked at Skylar innocently. 

“Don’t worry,” she shook her head. “I won’t…”

Skylar gave her one last threatening look before quickly slipping into the bathroom that joined their jack-and-jill suite. Euphoria looked down at Skylar’s bed.

“I won’t touch that stuff, anyway,” she smiled mischievously. “But this on the other hand….Let’s see what the QueenXD is doing on her chat with Nicodemus today.”

Gone was the innocent baby face as Euphoria went into focus mode. “That was close.”

She stepped over to her big sister’s laptop, pulled the small USB drive to her sister’s mouse out of the top pocket of her jean coveralls, and plugged it back into the computer. She began tapping away furiously, a chat window finally popping up in one corner.

“Where have you been, QueenXD,” Euphoria read. “I thought you wanted to finally meet?”

“Uh oh,” Euphoria gasped, “Sky is gonna kill me!”

Euphoria’s hair stood up on her skin as she felt a nearby presence enter the room.

“I sure am,” Skylar growled lowly, advancing on her younger sister.




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