Learning To Be Content

Learning to be content is a consistent practice. It is so easy to become anxious when our circumstances and surrounding environment just aren’t lining up with the vision board.


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But just so you know, until you express gratitude for where you are and what it is, the vision you have for greater will never manifest. 


It seems so simple to say “Thank You, Father,” for the air we breathe, and the movement in our limbs. But it will surprise you just how many people discount the simple things and skip right to asking for the million-dollar mansion and the Lamborghini.



Someone somewhere has asthma or is on a ventilator. Someone else somewhere has to depend on a wheelchair.

But I can name people like my youthful crush, celebrity actor-turned-author, Val Kilmer, who overcame throat cancer a few years back only to be reduced to a raspy voice and short of breath.


val kilmer
Photo via Val Kilmer/Facebook.


Or, the kick-ass athlete and entrepreneur, Nick Santonastasso, who many had written off due to having one good functioning arm with an incomplete hand, and no physical legs.


nick santonastasso
Photo via Nick Santonastasso/Facebook.


We never understand how difficult it is to overcome challenges until we begin to go through some real-life havoc as adults. But often, the challenge is really just a change of mindset. Instead of fighting against the current, we don’t want to let things be as they are.


We want to be in control of everything. 


Since elementary school, we’ve been taught to go to work, get good grades, get a good-paying job, and provide for our families. Well, when you lose that job, what happens? When no one will hire you, or you are unable to make a sale, what then?


To make matters worse, God moves you and strips you of everything familiar, that you can’t even buy socks for your kid unless He sends help. That is when you find that you can’t do anything but trust Him to protect, lead, guide, and provide.


Life happens to all of us, no matter our stature in life. How you come out of it, depends on:

  1. Being content in the midst of the trial, and 
  2. Maintaining your vision when it all appears to not be working in your favor.


In his astounding book, The Science of Getting Rich, “ author Wallace D. Wattles says, “Use your present business as the means of getting a better one, and use your present environment as the means of getting into a better one.”*


There is absolutely no way to receive the big house if there’s no appreciation, or good stewardship, over the tiny apartment currently being leased. There’s no way to launch a successful business if there’s no appreciation, or sincere work efforts, in the present job you have. 


It does not matter how often you shout, “Money cometh!”
There is no way God will trust you with $1 million if He’s unable to trust
that you will not mishandle $10,000. 

We should take stock daily of where we are and sit in gratitude for what it is. When I did this several months ago, after attempting to force clients to come into one line of business, I just began accepting the fact that my environment was the challenge.


I began to just thank God for where things were, accept the failure on several projects, and then submit my gifts to Him so I could settle into my purpose.


When I did that, an amazing client I had been wanting to work with for YEARS came onboard unceremoniously through an Instagram request that she never made public. What began as a pro-bono project just to help her event come off seamlessly turned into a paid gig!

How can anyone explain that? 

I was able to help manage a successful event for her this past April, which has led to an expansion in both of our companies. There’s so much more to tell, but those stories are forthcoming, with photos to match. I can hardly contain my excitement!


In the meantime, I need you to be in a place of contentment so you can attract the things you really want instead of trying to force them:


  1. Get into your favorite, quiet place (soft, instrumental music is a nice touch. USE HEADPHONES if at all possible.)

  2. Sit quietly and inhale, then exhale deeply 3-4 times.

  3. Place your hands over your heart, and tell Father God, “Thank You.” Feel free to name the simple things that come immediately to mind.

  4. Journal a Gratitudes List daily of 10 things that you are grateful for.

  5. Express forgiveness for anyone or anything that is eating at you, and let it go!




This is a really simple process to get into a space of contentment and gratitude so that your Father can provide the things your heart truly desires. He already promised to never leave you or forsake you, and that He would supply all of your needs according to all of His riches. 




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Let’s stop claiming “poor” and “broke” and “being in poverty” while claiming we serve an Almighty God who created everything in abundance! 


Keep the faith, and a positive attitude, and put in the mental work daily to remain content in all things!


Be blessed!



*Excerpt from The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace D. Wattles. This material may be protected by copyright.