Friday Food Infatuations: Being Hangry

For The Wordz Blog launch of its Friday Food Infatuations series, I had to post about being hangry! Today has been one of the most productive, yet miserable days ever. I only hope it wasn’t for you.


Photo: LaShanna R. Tripp, Official Yogi Dada Rocker (Use Code: SHANNA for 10% off)


Big “to-do” lists drive me as they do most driven humans. When I have a list of tasks with times and dates on them, I feel like I’ve achieved something and haven’t wasted my day.


Today was like that until I ended up on a 20-minute hold during an important call to Montgomery before finally just hanging up. Of course, I split my mental and enjoyed the music while working as my stomach tapped a number on my spine.


At this point, it was 12:30 p.m. in the afternoon, and my intermittent fasting had been over by this point.


I hung up, marking my list to recall around 2 p.m. As my husband and I got up to leave, the studio, another call came in, and his body sighed wearily as he opened up yet another file. I sat back down and perused my list, going to see what else I could knock out while he went over details on a project with a client.


By the time we looked up, it was 4 p.m. and I was on a call negotiating one of my artists to appear at a Fall conference. After hanging up, my husband informed me that our son’s football coach dropped a message inside the GroupMe chat, confirming there was practice today at 5:30p.


I looked at my laptop clock. Seriously? It was 4:18 p.m.? And I already knew Mommy had to take him because my husband was heading out to capture B-roll for a client video.


Gone was the time for me to sit and actually enjoy a meal for the day.


I was in the midst of being hangry, and it wasn’t a pretty sight.


We climbed into the car and called in for Purple Onion, and when it came, the onion rings were “crispity-crunchy” and everything. I ate one and I was done.


The rest of the evening, I seemed to be waning.


I drove my son across town to his practice in frustration, trying to pawn my food off on him. After letting him out, I drove to gas the car up before coming back to park at the curb of the park.


I sat miserably in the car waiting.


If you’re one of those parents who actually sit in the stadium seats to watch your kid play an outdoor sport, I applaud you. I typically don’t, especially in this kind of 2,000-degree heat.


After today’s rain, it wasn’t as humid and there was a slight breeze. I sat in the car listening to the new Limoblaze hit, “Jireh (My Provider),” featuring my guy Lecrae and Happi, on repeat.


I resigned to my current moment. It was what it was. This being hangry thing doesn’t work for me.


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