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Promises, Promises…

I remember when Connie and I lost everything — all we had were God’s promises to stand on.

We were staying at the In Town Suites back in 2010 on Huffman Road. The room fee had to be paid the next day and we had $0 in the bank.
I sat on the bed in the tiny room squeezing my eldest daughter, Miracle, to my chest. She was only 1 year old at the time, and I was pregnant with Connie III. I rocked her in my arms just crying and praying for God to show up. I repeatedly told Him I knew He would provide.

It seemed like forever before I calmed down, no tears left to cry.

I sullenly checked my email and noticed a random email from, Tracy, a close friend of ours. She was telling me she was thinking about us and to call her first thing in the morning.
We talked the next day and we ended up at her house, where she put a check for about $250, along with a sealed envelope, into my hands! I nearly choked. But, I heard God clearly instruct me to pray with her before we left. So we held hands and stood in a circle to pray, and then we left…
Connie and I were astounded by the $250! As we continued driving, headed to our bank to deposit the check, I opened the envelope she had included and pulled out a card.

As I opened the card, another check for about $1,000 fell into my lap!

I screamed and had to call her back! No one but God put us on her heart to do this.
Tracy’s move of faith is a constant reminder to me that God works miracles through people, and He always gives us more than what we ever ask of Him.
I share this story because what I know first-hand is this:
No matter how painful this global COVID-19 pandemic is, or how bleak things look for us right now, God is always faithful and His Word will never return to Him void!
Just this morning, I was telling my children about showing God gratitude.
We serve the same God who provided fresh manna from heaven each morning for the children of Israel after they fled Egypt. And they could never store and keep any of that day’s manna because it would rot!

They had to trust God daily to provide their basic needs.

We are all apparently in flight, and it is in this place, this space, this time of transition, that God promised to be RIGHT HERE IN OUR MIDST…
He promised to never leave nor forsake us…
He promised that where two or more are gathered in His name He’s in the midst…
Yahweh promised that we shall have WHATSOEVER WE SAY…
He promised that He would bring us to an expectant end…
God promised that nothing would EVER separate us from His love…
Our Loving Father promised that we would have life more abundantly…
And His promises go on…
Right now, I encourage each of you, as I encourage myself.
Each day, get into your personal time with Him and call out those things that be not, as though they are.
Speak aloud those secret things He promised you.
Ask Him for clarity, direction, resources and breakthroughs that only He will be able to get the glory for once He has brought them to fruition in your life.


Actress and writer, LaShanna R. Tripp, is a Theatre Director and former public education teacher. Her goal? To pursue passion by fulfilling her Godly purpose! LaShanna has written funded grants for organizations including Jefferson County Schools, the Make It Happen Theatre, and LaCon Audio. She offers limited media writing services to both non-profit and for-profit organizations. A dedicated wife and loving mother of three children, LaShanna is enjoying spending more invaluable time with family while completing her first book. Please visit and like her pages at


  • Christinay Sarone Bogan

    I have been truly blessed by your message this morning! It reminds me of God’s goodness and how faithful He is to us! He has done it for you and I before so what makes this situation or timing any different! Please keep writing and inspiring those who have a willing ear to hear!!! I am declaring that Skaii and I won’t miss a beat as well as the Tripp family! Blessings to you and yours always!

    • LaShanna R. Tripp

      YES!! Thanks so much, Christinay! We truly do stand in agreement with each other! I was at the “try not to panic” phase last week and God had to pause me. So blessed with a great family and just trusting Him to continue to be our source. All good things flow from Him and I declare and decree that there is NO LACK in your house, and that He is going to give you DOUBLE for your trouble!! Confess it, believe it and SEE IT come to pass!!

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