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Constantine the Emcee’s Runnin’ Available Now on All Digital Streaming Platforms

Birmingham Neoclassic Hiphop Artist Constantine The Emcee Returns With Scorching New Single ‘Runnin’

With injustice at an all-time high, neoclassic hiphop artist, Constantine the Emcee, knew it was officially time to release his song, Runnin’, to the public.


Birmingham, Alabama’s neoclassical hiphop artist, Constantine the Emcee, has released his debut single, Runnin’ on the indie record label, Responsible Media.


Featuring spoken word artist, LaShanna, and the Umdabu South African Dance Company, Runnin’ is now available on all digital streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify, to name a few.


About Runnin’

Runnin’ is a unique and rhythmic production composed by Constantine the Emcee. Add to it his mind-bending lyricism and you have an introspective song that ensures a thrill you have not previously heard.


The dynamic drumming talents of South African musician and dancer, Johannes “Jomo” Xulu, are featured, as is spoken word by actress and wordsmith, LaShanna Tripp.


Runnin’ originally premiered in the film, Reverse, produced by Alfred Lowe, but was never publicly released by the label.


Constantine the Emcee is the second artist to debut on Responsible Media, which officially began its quiet journey in 2008. Several singles are slated for the artist’s release in the coming weeks, and executives admit it has all been a long time coming.


Be sure to check out Constantine the Emcee on Instagram. For booking inquiries, email requests to


Click to hear a sample of Runnin’ by Constantine the Emcee!

New Single from Constantine the Emcee!

Listen to Constantine the Emcee’s Hot New Single, Runnin’, available now on all digital streaming platforms!

Posted by Responsible Media, LLC on Thursday, June 25, 2020

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